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大牌21 #01-153
锦茂路 新加坡270021邮区
电话: 6463-2094
传真: 6463-6947



Blk 21 Ghim Moh Road #01-153
Singapore 270021

Consultation Hours:
MON ~ FRI: 10 AM – 8.00 PM
SAT: 10AM – 5.00 PM
SUN: 10 AM– 2.00 PM



Born in Muar, Malaysia.


Followed his father to Singapore.


9 years learning South Shaolin Fist and Pole under the Founder of Shaolin Deying Studio, Master Ong Yit Mui.

1963 - 86

Studied under Master Chen Yuhe. Practiced the syllabus from Nanjing Central Pugilistic School, including fist, weapons, sparring and massage therapy.


Assistant Coach at the Paya Lebar Community Center’s Wushu class

1968 - 86

Physical Training Head Master and Head Coach of Singapore Rongqing Physical Training Association.


Coach for Wushu and Taiji Quan class of Queen’s Town Residential Committee; Founded Dewu Guoshu Class.

1969 - 97

During this period, taught Taiji Quan at ten over different Community Centers.


Singapore National Wushu Competition, Gold Medal in ‘3 style’ category.

Studied Cheng Man- Ch‘ing’s Taiji Quan, other Taiji skills, sparring and spear under Master Weng Zichun.

Coach of the Wushu class of River Valley Government Chinese Middle School.


Founded Shangwu Guoshu Association at Lim Teck Bu Hill, Paya Lebars.

Studied Push Hand and Bone Massage Therapy at Taipei under Doctor Li Boon Hai.

Coach of Raffles’s Institution’s Taiji Quan class.


Passed the Singapore National Pugilistic Federation’s Examination to Qualified as National Grade Wushu Coach.

Invited by the Wushu Invitation Competition in Kuching, Sarawak. Won several Performance Awards.


Wushu Coach of Singapore team in the Thai Boxing and Wushu Tournament held in Bangkok, Thailand.


Together with sworn brother Lian Tianjin, visited Master Cheng Man-Ch‘ing in Taipei. Taken by Master Cheng as disciple, under the witnessed of Mr. Ho Cheng Zhao. Master Cheng gave him a book signed to ‘The little disciple Ching Ngee’.


Second place in Push Hand during the Singapore National Wushu Tournament.

Graduated at the Tamah Chinese Traditional Medical Academy.

1978 - 84

Member and Auditor of Singapore National Pugilistic Federation.

1981 - 94

Started teaching Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Taiji Quan in several parts of Indonesia including Smalang, Jarkata, Kutuos, Pulau Keto. Founded Zhongding Ch’ng style Taiji Quan Association in Smalang, Indonesia.


Coach of the Singapore National Pugilistic Federation’s Taiji Quan class.

Other than the above records, Master Tan was also invited by numerous organizations from many countries to be their advisor of coach. The UK’s Birmingham TV station had introduced Tan Ching Ngee’s Taiji Quan Twice. Many Wushu magazines and publications from countries like China, France, England, America, Japan and Taiwan had also featured Tan Ching Ngee’s Taiji Quan.

Singapore TCM Physician Practitioners Association

- Administrative Member

Canada World Organization of Wushu & Kung Fu Master

- Vice Chairman

Singapore TCM Physician Practitioner’s Board

- Qualified Chinese Physician

Singapore Martial Arts Instructor Association

- Tournament Chairman

World Chinese Physician Association of America

- Advisor

Singapore National Pugilistic Federation Internal Art

- Examiner

Malaysia Tamah Chinese Traditional

- Medical Academy, 1978

Malaysia Johor Bahru Tai Chi Chuan Association

- Chief Judge

Taiwan Chinese Guoshu Sport-injury Rehabilitationl

- Qualified Rehabilitation Doctor
- Chief Member (Singapore Region)

Taipei International Chinese Guoshu Federation

- Executive Member / Disciplinary Master

The 16th International Shun Clan Convention

- President / Medical Advisor

The World Kuoshu Federation (USA)

- Executive Member / Asia Chairman

Korea Chinese Wushu Association

- Advisor

2006 Singapore 2nd World Kuoshu / All Styles Tournament

- Chairman